Monday, May 21, 2018 - Today is Cycle Day 5
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  For Students    Bookmarks - Grades K - 2





100th Day of School


Star Fall


  LOTS of 100's  



Balloon Pop




PBS - 100th Day


ABCya - 100 Snowballs  



National Geographics

Animal Videos











Digital Photos

Magazine Cover Motivator Photo Editting








Dr. Seuss

Cat in the Hat Games (PBS) Dr. Seuss Games Videos 





Earth Day

  Planet Pals  




Fall Activities 

Build a Scarecrow Spookathon 

Carve a Pumpkin



Make a Pumpkin Pumpkin Matching Game




Leaf Activities  Fall Coloring 




Thankgiving Rebus Story Thanksgiving Find a Word Place Card Maker 



Silly Turkey Story  Thanksgiving Games   










Fire Prevention

Arthur Firesafety-PBS Fire Safe Kids Sparky







Gingerbread Activities

JanBrett Gingerbread friend


Jan Brett Gingerbread House


gingerbread story (StarFall)    


Trading Card Maker    



Internet Safety

Bad Guy Patrol NetSmart Kids   



  ABCya Internet Safety   






Keyboard Climber Keyboard Invasion Keyboarding Challenge



Typing Club


Keyboarding Chase TypeTastic




Learning Activities

Letter Sounds ABC Match ABC Ya!



 Math Playground   Alphabet Order



    Computer Literacy



  Kids' Museum  Graphing



  Learn to Be Healthy Patterns



Scholastic Computer Lab Favorites Starfall The Art Zone



  Washing Hands  




Kids' Games, Animals, Photos, Stories, and More -- National Geographic Kids




Kindergarten Learning Activities

Clifford's Letter Match Leo loves to spell Nina loves to name things



Reggies loves to rhyme What's wrong with this picture Knowledge Adventure Games 



50 State Quarters color page ABC Match ABC Ya!



ABC Ya! Keyboarding  Keyboard Zoo Alphabet Order



Animal Who Games   Keyboarding Practice Computer Literacy



  Give a Dog a Bone Graphing



  I SPY Learn to Be Healthy 



Letter & Sound Video by YSSD K-Student Patterns Scholastic Computer Lab Favorites



Toy Theater   Magazine Cover



Bees and Honey   Community Helpers


Brainpop Community Helpers   

Counting Apples   Catching Apples  





Animal See Saw (weight)

Count and Write 10s

Counting by 5 and 10



Counting Coins

Counting Money




Desitnation Math

Fraction Pictures Pirate Money Count 



    Greater than Sea Diver game



Math Slice    



Set the Clock    




Spending Spree-
-using money






Mouse Practice 

Mouse exercises


Squirrel Mouse Practice



Whack a Gopher

 Star Pictures  Piano





Read Along Stories

All About Me Clifford Interactive Storybooks

Make a story Sesame Street



National Geographic Young Explorers web site Polar Bear Email postcard Polar Bears





Clifford Reading Games

Green Eggs and Ham

Long Vowel sound poems



Word Blender






Habitat video and quiz Insect or Not Kids Astronomy



Let's Talk About Insects Magnifying Glass National Geographic Kids




Science - Plants

Eating Plants

Labeling Plants

What do parts of plants do



What do plants need

What part of a plant
do you eat





Science - Rainforest Information

Layers of the Rainforest

Rainforest Animals

Rainforest ENDANGERED Animals



Rainforest Facts

Science Living Things (Grades K - 5)






Crayola decorEGGer

Spring Coloring






St. Patrick's Day

Theme Related  

Tic Tac Toe with a Leprechaun





Trading Cards

Trading Card Maker

Trading Cards





Valentine's Day

Print and send Valentine Valentine Stationery  Valentine Puzzle



Print and send Valentine Valentine Stationery  Valentine Puzzle









Winter Holidays

10 Snowmen build snowman and read along 50 Degrees Below Zero

Highlights Build a Snowman


Christmas Word Search

Christmas Tree Fun










Sending Holiday Email 





Holiday Fun

Christmas Concentration


Elves Find a Word Puzzles



Hanukkah Word Search


Checkers with Santa



Christmas Concentration   Christmas Word Search



Elves Counting Money Telling Time with
Santa's Clock



  Martin McGregor
audio book








Make a Snowflake  Always Snowing Somewhere  Create a Snowflake 


Musical Snowflakes 




 Snowy Fun  Build a Snowman  Make a Snowman



 Virtual Snowman  Snowball Fight  






Jan Brett Card Generator




make a comic strip

Mother's Day Card





Trading Card Maker

Wordle--word clouds



Write a newspaper article





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